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Lotus_Mary from Odessa, Ukraine

I can tell about myself that I am a very artistic person, sometimes I feel like I am water, I am like a river, I flow, I meet stones on my way and then I round them and continue my way. I love nature, because that is my muse for my poetry…I am from a very beautiful place, I used to live not far from Kiev, landscapes are really wonderful there, when you sit on the top of some hill and look at that, then you understand what for you love your motherland. I love traveling, I tried to travel around my country as much as it was possible. But I have never been abroad…I think that changes can be very good if I move to another country, but only in case there will be my love.

I’m in search of wise man who will not let me get into trouble, because it’s always easy to get in trouble for a young woman who lives lonely life. I am already ready for marriage which will lead us for happiness ,life long… Here in Ukraine men cheat on their women, so I don’t like that kind of marriage, I can be devoted for my man, and what for should I cheat? It’s also important if a man has a very good sense of humor, I think it’s hard to live without smile and jokes.

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A simple down to earth person running a school and an orphanage with the sole intention to impart education and enable the downtrodden to have a better future. 

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ajayanand827 from New Delhi, India

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