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If one wants to compare me with a flower – I’m not a frugal field flower. I’m a regal rose. I’m a lady notable in a noisy company, live wire and organizer of various ventures. I combine kindness, responsiveness, cheerfulness and self-development drive. With all the easiness of my character and my activeness, I can be a very serious and steady person. My ability to focus on my aim and to overcome obstacles sometimes amazes people around me. I like to make interesting acquaintances and to get new experience. I love surprises and compliments.I have a lot of interests: nice music, dances, cinema. But most of all I’m interested in travelling around the world. I’m fascinated with a thought that I can see how people live in a far village in India, walk along streets of legendary New-York, touch antiquities of Greece and dip into the world of Old Europe. For now I have visited the most interesting places of my country. I hope one day I’ll be able to learn to dive (it’s my little dream) and I’ll be able to travel and open the world with a beloved person.

As an every girl, I imagined my perfect man since my childhood. This image changed within years. So when I grew up I realized that appearance of a person, his material income and status are not important. The main is a spiritual connection between two people when they enjoy being together and have common goal to realize together. And if my soul mate with all this is also charming and even a little bit brutal – I will be even happier!

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Dae franko
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Dae franko
Dae franko
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Dae franko

I am looking for a serious relationship, based on trust, respect and communication, leading to marriage.Relationship of trust and affection, readiness for compromise if necessary but also respect and understanding, willingness to do something pleasant to your partner are all equally important. I can give love and support a woman in difficult times. I respect the woman and she can trust on me -the trusthworthy is a key word for me both ways
Distance is not a problem at all!
I will travel to any place in the world to meet the woman I like.

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Dae franko

ı am a handsome guy little shy and faithful to his woman knows the value of his girl so much and lives alone looking for the real love of his life and believe one day ı will find her believe in god so much a smart and a good guy shortly

first of all she must be a girl who knows what she wants in real exactly and kindful pretty smart one attactive who loves the life we will see...


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