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I am a mature woman who knows what she wants and tries to get it. This doesn't mean I don't care about people around me! That means I care about them a lot, because I try to be honest with them from the very beginning of the relations and never tell lies! I will never waste your time, because I value it as well as mine! I hope that each minute of our lives should be used as the last one, we need to enjoy life and make it happy!

The man I am looking for is a real man who always support his woman, who doesn’t lie and always says what he thinks because it’s always easier to solve the problem at once instead of keep it in mind and feel angry…A man who can love and who wants to give his love and all his emotions and feelings to only one woman who will be his wife forever.

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I am a Yorkshire man that classes myself as diffrent than any other guy, I hate lire's ,cheats, Bully's and guys that do not appriciate things ladie's do for them. I am not on here find a woman just to have sex I am on here looking for a serious woman whom I can treat like a woman should be treated with plenty of tlc to offer why not contact me.

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I'm searching for real love or frienship and i will give more information about me if you write to me please dont hesitate to contact me. ciao Alex


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