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Blonde_Infinity from Moscow , Russia

I am not afraid to share my thoughts and feelings and I can feel good in any company, around any people as I am communicative and open) I can listen to ideas and have a rational compromise,I always respects boundaries of other people and do not abuse technology. Even i work in web, I never give it more time than its required) I try to stay always useful and give my best energy and my power to this world! Every morning when I wake up you can see smile on my face as I used to meet new journey with positive attitude, hope for bright events and desire to leave my own good mark in this big world. Maybe we could leave it together?

I believe in equality, what about you? Just remember that relationship consists of two people, so both you and me should have equal say and should never be afraid to express how we feel. You agree? I am full of love to share, but I am ready to give it only to my worthy one) Are you this one maybe? I would like to meet loyal and trustful partner, who would not accuse me of cheating or being unfaithful constantly. Sure,I would not ever give a reason) Just I mean there should be respect and trust in couple, right? As it is a base. I hope to meet calm man, aggression is not my form of communication, I am not sure I could stand someone who threatens me or make me feel scared.

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I'm a very simple person who enjoy simple things in life

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