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Artist50, Victoria 61
Age:61 years and 13 days
City:Victoria, Canada
Marital status:Single
Registration:01 February 2013
Zodiac Sign:Virgo
Children:No Children
Artist50 Victoria

About Artist50:

Hello, im 51 feel 30 6'2" 200.p Seeking a lady for friendship companionship... between 40 an 51 5'4" to 5'11" preferably a nonsmoker im a local victoria bc artist, writer i dont smoke cigs, cigars,pipes, or pot, dont drink, or use drugs of any kind. no facial studs, chromed nose rings, earlobe hoops or any other wierd freaky crap on my face, im clean shaven and ocasionaly wear glasses an prefer tea to coffee i look kinda like "joe dubious from the tv show "medium" an march to my own unique drummer i view life in my own unique way i see life as a rich colorful stage from wich to draw inspiration im primarily a blue jeans an tee shirts guy easy going, friendly, practical, humerous guy i "LOVE Chocolate!!, an prefer tea to coffee love kustom kar tv shows, but "HATE vilolenty hot spicey foods an t.v. sports" im irish -german recently learned in late 2008 from my dad im also part: french rusian i dont drive or own a car due to personal economics so hopefully that wont stop you from knowing me i have no kids... never married an if your my really my type of gal... "youll like me as is".. im not your typical set in there ways three piece suit wearing 51 yr old i dont fit that conventional sterio typical mold but i am very straight forward an to the point an can be blunt as heck, i can also can be off the wall sometimes like "MoNty Python".. a highly humorous wacky n fun guy a real comedian who can always see the humour an absurdity in people an life ect, i have a fear an "dread of heights!" and get "motion sickness" on small boats an HATE any really hot n spicey foods. "i Love British inuendo style Humour" British tv shows like:"The Avengers" 1964 to 69 with foxy stunning Diana Rigg as emma peel im a "HUGE SCI-FI nut" i love most kinds of music and movies! as well as anything wierd,strange, odd or unsual like ghosts an the paranormal, ufos, bigfoot an the bermuda trangle {a plus if your into this to}
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Things im good at an Faves Things are: art, not into creating any "Traditional Art" i have worked with acrylics, enamel paints, an built Special Effects props for t.v. segments in 1990 an creating anything in 3D.. Drawing,Writing,Stories,Poems,Songs over 40! Sculpting, like my "Marilyn Monroe bust"..{below}if you wana see my pics of her "ask me,.. and my purple poem about two lovers in a previous life who somehow found each other again in this one called: "old souls" {below} i love to tinker... and have a facination for how mechanical things work and a great curiousity about all things in life in general, i love Antiques, do i sound interesting?.. like your type of guy?,.. someone youd like to know better an want to read still more, about? let me know, theres loads more to this descriptive about me i can send you, please reply with reasonably good quality picture, if you wish mine in return. vardah at shaw dot ca

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