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Ashley, Massapequa 31
Age:31 years and 135 days
City:Massapequa, USA
Marital status:Single
Registration:15 April 2011
Zodiac Sign:Cancer
Children:No Children
Ashley Massapequa

About Ashley:

Heyy.. My name is Ashley.. Due to many messages I've received, let me start by saying I am not interested in your threesomes... Even if it is with two girls. I am here to find a relationship not a hobby. I am here to find a relationship with a woman so men, thank you for the compliments you've sent but I am not interested. If you send me a message with a one liner saying "you're cute" or just "hi my name is ____", or "how are you?", no matter how physically attractive you may be, you will NOT receive a response from me. I'm sorry, but I would like to actually have an intelligent conversation with someone, not just say "I'm doing well, and you?". You can make it so easy to get a response from me if that is what you are looking for... Just introduce yourself and start talking about your topic of choice, no matter how random it may be... Now... What to say about me... As you can see in my pictures.. I have blonde hair and blue eyes.. My hair is naturally dirty blonde and I have recently changed it to have different shades of blonde, dark blonde, "red velvet", and auburn. Highlights and low-lights all over! A few of the pictures show it but it's better when seen in person. I have 7 tattoos that can all be covered if needed.. Every tattoo I have has meaning behind it... I have 15 piercings.. 14 in my ears, but I only wear 2-4 and one in my nose. Despite my piercings and tattoos, I'm really your "girl-next-door-type". I love spending time with my family and relaxing on a nice day. I have very strong family values and am looking for someone who feels the same. I can keep up with a long night out or I can stay at home and cuddle up with a blanket, my partner and a movie or one of my favorite shows. Either way, as long as I'm having a good time it doesn't matter to me. I love sitting back reading on my Kindle a lot also but I of course only do that with my own time, not with company making me out to be rude lol. Right now I'm working as a customer service rep for a well known oil company. My winter is full of work and a lot of over time because of the nature of my business but I always make time for the people I care about. The greatest advantage is that in the summer time when there is more to do, I can take time off easily. Before this, I worked as a day-care teacher. I miss it like crazy and loved the kids I cared for. Unfortunately, it didn't pay well. My goal is to one day own my own day-care. I love the way a child's mind works and the things they come up with that us as adults don't even consider. My family calls me a spontaneous rebel with morals and manners. One of my biggest pet-peeves is using incorrect spelling or grammar or abbreviations. I don't expect anyone to be perfect; I am not either. I understand some people are not great with spelling or grammar... It just gets under my skin for some unknown reason. My biggest flaw with grammar is using double negatives lol. (Lol is the one abbreviation I use often because nothing else seems to fit as well as it.) I love all different kinds of art.. I could spend a full day in the museum. My favorite place ever would have to be the aquarium. It's an amazing escape and it's such a calming environment. There's so much more to learn about me and I'd love to tell you! If you want to know something, just ask... No question too stupid or too bold for me. I'm a very open and honest person. If you like what you've learned, and want to know more, I'd love to hear from you to see if we hit it off well!

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