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  •  ruthbaby wrote 2012 Days Ago (positive) 
    My name is Ruth,i am a female. i saw your profile today and here is my private email ( like it.I would like to establish a long lasting relationship with you. reply me so that i will send my pictures to you and also discuss something important with you about my future investment.
    Your new friend,(
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ı am aygun from Turkey.

Random, freebie love stories, advices and rules:

We all ara aware of the fact that marital life is not a beautiful and aromatic rose in your plot, in real life its a unpredictable thorn that can scrape you much if you dont know how to conduct with it. Each family has a number of usual difficulties appearing in usual life so you must to know the means of solving these troubles in order to be happy in your family life. Here we are offering a list of most common conflicts and their methods of solving. Try to carry out them:

1. The most repeated objection ladies own about men that boys simply do not pay attention to women.

2. In men part find fault that boys have about women that women always do everything to moderate guys.

3. When a woman tries to alter or discipline or give advice to a guy, boys hear that they are told that they are not skilled and do not know how to perform a lot of things or that they are not able to perform some things on their own.

4. Men commonly make an effort try to cheer up a lady when she is upset by offering answer to her difficulties. In this situation she simply want tendernessthoughtfulness while boys provide solutions.

5. When lady has some problem in solving a problem, a guy makes attempt to cheer up her by giving resolutions to the problem. But girl just wishes some sympathy instead of all these solvings. She simply desires somebody to try to listen to her and see her sentiments, but some true resolution she is able to find by herself.

6. Lady all time desires her home to be bright and stainless. Its her kingdom, her house and thats why sometimes she can ask her soul mate for a help. But guys actually stay away from housework and try to run away. They do not understand the womans attitude towards purity. Boys dont be silly, try to assist your partner and dont make scandal from such easy thing.

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