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BEN, Sunnyvale 54
Age:54 years and 169 days
City:Sunnyvale, USA
Marital status:Single
Registration:01 October 2010
Zodiac Sign:Aquarius
Children:No Children
BEN Sunnyvale

About BEN:

Hello, let me tell you who i am and what i'm looking for. I'm 43 years old, great looking, awesome sense of humor and always concerned with others feelings. I am in a wheelchair from an accident in 1996 that left me partially paralized, BUT, i work full time, have a great, longterm job and make great money. I have long brown-blonde hair, dark tan, hazel eyes, very nice body, but i can't walk. I'm not terminal, i'm in great shape, but need help getting in and out of bed, washing, shaving, but fiercely independent and successful. I would describe myself as a sarcastic clown, joking is my hobby! I like any subject, i'm very intelligent, sensitive and always very protective of the ones i love any kind of music except rap and hip-hop. Hard rock is my love, but i listen to soft music also, anything, as long as its good. I don't drink except holidays, but i do smoke marijuanna every evening to keep my body spasms under control, it is legal in California where i live and is much better than ANY medication i was using. SO, you must be o.k. with this, please tell me how you feel about it.  Its an herb, not a drug and i don't sit in a corner catatonic, i'm very active and responsible. I have 2 children, 19 and 17 years old that i don't see much anmymore. They used to come over every weekend, but now my son is preparing for college so he has no time and stays at his mothers house to study and my daughter has a boyfriend and a very busy life. I am 43, yery young and was thinking of having more children with a woman i will cherish forever. My kids grew up in 2 households when their mother and i split up, but i still wish for a family where the kids have both parents in the home together. I'm looking for a woman who is open, honest, wants marriage and likes herself. She must also be very sexual as i am and not afraid to open up when intimate. I am an extremely oral man when intimate and love spending an hour with a woman above me while i orally please her from below. Are you still reading? I'm a very respectable man, very pollite, but when intimate, i'm very explorative and open and love spending time orally pleasing a woman, enjoying all her flavors and textures, can you be this woman? Its very sexy to be 69, me under of course, holding your butt cheeks open so i can have a taste, give you a sensual rimming her ass, kissing it, licking it, it makes me crazy!! Anal lovemaking is very hot and i am very good at it, no pain, only deep pleasure, but i understand most women don't like anal, but she must be open to me orally pleasing her butt!! I love oral doggy, your beautiful kitten in my face, tasting both places, i love pushing my tongue inside a nice butt, rimming, sucking on an erect clit, for at least an hour. There is nothing more sexy that a womans body from behind, me under you, your arched back, pure heaven! I think it is EXTREMELY sexy when a woman expresses love, every passion and desire openly. Talking, encouraging, describing, they are all important parts of intimacy. We have all had at least one relationship in the past that became physical, not very deep passion, just physical. I was guilty in the past, i was a fool then. Now, just imagining how it would be to have my love in my arms, sitting in my lay, our eyes staring into one another, the way your beautiful hair hangs down your back, the smell of your breath, the way your shoulders feel, the small of your back, i wish to tell you how much i adore you, pull you close, wisper in your ears why you are important in my life, how much you give to me and others every day just by being you!! I would like to hold you for the first time this way, lay my head on her shoulder, pet her beautiful hair running down her back, then have a nice long cry, continuing to tell you all the ways you have changed my life. I just need to feel you close to me, your helping me release all the pain i have trapped inside me. It builds inside my chest for many years, i seem outwardly strong, but inside i feel like crying always. I have made mistakes in the past, i've corrected my shortcomings, i'm a good, honest, caring man, but i'm full of pain inside. There is nobody on this earth who can release it from me except my one and only. I never used to express these emotions openly. Ending up in a wheelchair for the last 13 years opened my eyes FULLY. When you find that person we all search for, it will be instant, no words needed. Yes, my words have been very sexual, but thats not the most important thing in a relationship. JUST to have a hand to hold, someone to talk to, make laugh, thats whats important. I would give up making love forever just to be with my best friend. Respect for each other, genuinly careing for each other, that connection, its priceless. 2 people who have that connection don't have inhibitions sexually. You would have no problem coming home from shopping one afternoon, walking up to me and saying, "for some reason, i am extremely hot right now and would like you to lick my beautiful pussy Ben, recline your chair, i'll drop my panties and straddle your face!!" When the mood hits you, you need to be satisfied, i want to feel that passion to, when its right for you, not me!! Do you understand what i mean? You should NEVER be afraid to express yourself sexually, or any other way with me. If i roll into our bedroom one saturday afternoon to get my keys or something, i find you touching yourself, masterbating, your fingers stroking your pussy, or mabe pushing a vibrator in and out, thats nothing to be embarassed about, it should be sexy, passionate, very natural!! Mabe i will join in if you like, licking your clit while you push the toy in and out, or i could just leave and let you finish by yourself, whatever you wish. We SHOULD be that comfortable with each other, its part of our lives together, no shame. We are committed to each other forever, the magic is what keeps us alive and in love!! Tell me how you feel about it, are you this type of person, able to let down your defenses, truly be one with a man like me? Could you touch yourself openly sometimes when intimate?? I'm not saying, "hey, lets be loose, have lots of sex parties with other people", or "lets swing", NO WAY, its you and i only, i want love and passion, not sex and lust. This is who i am when intimate, i'm not just saying these things to lure you in, i truly WHORSHIP a womans body, i'm not your typical man.  I need you to express your opinions on your sexuality in you first letter to me. In 1996 when i ended up in a wheelchair, my orgasms changed, they mostly shoot inside, but also do shoot out as before. But lovemaking became more intensive on my behalf because of my in-ability to get up, behind/on top of you, i had to begin pleasing a woman with what i can still use, my hands and my mouth. I have a very tight body, very muscular, i lift weights EVERY day, very toned, i just can't walk. It was psycological mostly, i understand, but it made me a much better lover in every way. Trust me, my boy is big and still gets 8 inches erect with the help of viagra for a LONG time, but i became focused on her pleasure, there is nothing more sexy than a woman shuddering while i orally please her! It opened up a truly erotic, sexy, passion in me, i love pleasing her, it gets my brain and body in a passionate trance! So, if you do not enjoy, or at least think you might enjoy being intimate with a man like me, very sexual, please don't write me. I'm not looking for a whore, sex slave, or servant, just the opposite. I just think intimacy is something that must be discussed openly, before a relationship begins. Sexual compatability is extremely important, do you agree? Its not my life, i am just trying to be very direct, open and honest. I need a woman i can take care of forever, to make her laugh and smile, EVERY day. I promise to treat her with love, kindness, as an equal in every way. I would always listen to her, understand her, respect her as a person, not a toy. Her body is just that, HERS, not mine. Her opinions and wishes ALWAYS matter, i praactice respect, i don't just say it. I'm cool with a drive to the beach, the snow, any kind of movie makes me happy, but i'm always open to new things, points of view. I'll engauge in conversation with a policeman or a homeless man, very outgoing, not shy at all in public. Do you think you can be with a man who can not walk, but will give you a very comfortable life forever??? Only write me back if you have read my entire profile, or i will NOT write you back. Remember to also tell me what you are like sexually, or i will not write back. Politically, i am very conservative and listen to lots of talk radio. Politics have always been interesting to me, local and world. History and geography are definately my 2 favorite subjects and i can talk about them for hours. But my true passion for discussion is music, history of music, i follow music pretty close and am very interested in what goes on behind the scenes, backstage, in the studio. I like the dirt!! I believe in a very strong moral compass, strong family values(no joke), committed to each other in marriage. A lot of what is going wrong in my country is because people stopped careing as much, selfishness, abandonment by irresponsible fathers so the mother has no time to raise the children because she had to work endless hours for rent money and the kids grow up in the streets. Strong, always trying to do the best for your children ALWAYS, not like walking the dog. To watch them grow up and guide them along the way through this jungle called life. I put all my information here, short, but its everything. I want you to think hard before you write back, i don't want 50 e-mails. I'm not old fashioned sexually, so if you can not be with a man who like to orally please you, DON'T WRITE BACK!!
I am very aware of scammers, i'm not niave, desparate, or stupid, so don't waste your time!! If we do get serious, i will request your adress from Natasha, then we can meet and let this site handle all the money for the passport, visa, plane ticket for your flight to California where i live. I WILL NOT SEND YOU MONEY DIRECTLY as i was scammed once and not stupid now. This site is safe and real, no scammers getting cash from me, so you must agree to this first. I wish for a committed marriage, i won't give up for less. I wish for a friend!!

BEN 54 years and 169 days

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