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shiny_nastya from Rostov-na-Donu, Russia

I am the woman who is open to the world and has a lot to give in response. When I feel that I’m on the right way to my dream, I get more energy and inspiration. I have so much passion and enthusiasm for life, that I am capable of making everybody around me feel excited and overjoyed. Of course, people don’t always have perfect times and I encounter all obstacles and ordeals with optimism and stamina. I’m loyal and decent and I’m really proud of that as nowadays these qualities do not have many people to live in. They say I have good sense of humor. They are, probably, right. Laugh helps me recharge my batteries and share my love with friends and close people. I’m quite tolerant and sympathetic. I welcome people to my world with all their drawbacks, because not being an angel, I take it for granted that there are no ideal personalities. The only thing I will never take easy is lie. Being honest is something I appreciate most of all. So, I can say for sure that I can be a real friend, an exemplary wife and a perfect companion.

The man I’m looking for takes life with open heart and mind. He is energetic, adventurous and confident in future. His sense of humor and honesty should be above average, because these are the most valuable traits for me in the real man. Age and profession can not play any part if two people feel something special to each other. My man is passionate and romantic, he is not afraid of showing his feelings and wants to get fantastic emotions from his woman. He may have weaknesses and be interested in weird activities, he may even seem strange. What is of vital importance is his desire to love and to be loved. He never stops broadening his outlook and hankers for new discoveries in life.

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Brown hair and blue eyes and im a very dareing person.

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Jacob1723 from Puebla, Mexico

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