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Cookiedoughdynamo, Portsmouth 47
Age:47 years and 342 days
City:Portsmouth, UK
Marital status:Single
Registration:26 March 2011
Zodiac Sign:Leo
Children:No Children
Cookiedoughdynamo Portsmouth

About Cookiedoughdynamo:

Hi all, and thanks for
viewing my profile ....

I have decided to update it and be more detailed in my details (NOT!)

(Well maybe a little)

(Well there may be one or two REAL facts...)

The reason before my profile lacked FULL details is because i didnt really know what
this site was like, and wasnt really sure i wanted to share my life, loves n hates
with strangers... But what the hell....

]]]]About me[[[[

Im BIG FAT n HAIRY with a WART on my bum!


I am currently a part time sort of person...

a part time PC repairer/builder
a part time Welder
a part time Freelance photographer/Art photographer


I said art not porn!!!!

a part time Web designer
a part time Artist
a part time Loony
a part time Boat builder
a part time monkeys uncle
a part time DJ
a part time Part timer

The reason why i am a multi-part timer, is because i am a...

FULL TIME single Father to 2 (1boy 16, 1girl 7) and perhaps you may be thinking, well that
dont stop you being a Full time something, but i gave up my career quite a few years
ago to care for my son who was born with Muscular Cerebal Palsy of whom i have been
sole carer for since he was 1 year old. I also have another son (8) who lives with
his mum.

I live as near as 4-5 stone throws from the sea, and have been on the south coast of
UK all my life


Who keeps doing that in the brackets??


Well quit it....

(No... Make me.)

Ill just ignore you then.

(Na na nana na na na nanana na na na nana na na nanana naaaaaaaaa)

I cant hear you.

]]]]More About me[[[[

(More?? God im bored - Really i am, im thinking of beating myself to death with this

I love life.

Im always happy, and find 99% of everything in life funny.

I love motorsports, especially F1 and NZ Jetsprint boat racing.

I love eating Mexican, Chinese and Italian

(And local women too)

OI!! Quit it... I meant FOODS!!!

I was an avid motorcycle rider, gave it up as was impractical with son in

And did i mention my wart??


If you have just scrolled here without reading the rest before this, im talking about
my WART being BIG FAT n HAIRY...
(Get ya minds out the gutter)

I Love to cook and can cook ANYTHING, even roadkill...

(Awwww dad, not BBQ squirrel again for dinner)

I love beaches at eve/night and would rather be at one then, rather than daytime.


More than anything in life i love my kids.

I love to shop... Yes i know im male, but nothing beats a good shopping session
spending a good size wedge of cash!


I Love CHEESE & BANANA Sandwiches

I Love IceCream with Pickled Onions

(Are you pregnant????)

And i die when i eat Candy Floss...

I Weight train and cycle daily and more often than not i throw in a bit of Yoga.

I am currently building a motor-trike for myself.

If you have just scrolled here without reading the rest before this, i am talking
about a Motor-Trike, OK!!!
(Yeah right)

Thassit ive had enough.. Sod off...




I'll tell everyone about you with the can of choc whipped cream and the blow up


You gone??


Well im done for now. See ya all in the funnies!!!

If you want to know more just ask...

Please no fakes and that means NO FAKES (Not interested in getting the money your dead father who was the king of wherever), money hunters, scammers or men seeking cam/cyber sex, yes even i
get those mesages on other sites even tho im MALE and i have dangly bits...

(And if you have scrolled to here without reading all what came before then yes i am
talking about a penis now...)

"I viewed Cookiedoughdynamo's profile and all i got was this F&$king T-Shirt" T-Shirts are
available from my Webshop from $19.99

======More Fav Stuff====

The letter S

The number 13

Judging Wet Tshirt competitions


Im 5'10 and biiiiig, was bigger due to weight gain attempt but have lost loads and in process of losing lots more or in plain english im:-

Tall Fat n Hairy with a wart on me bum.....

=======About Me?=======



More stuff

Whimmin (Specially 6 foot+ blondes)


Sugar Gliders (dunno what they are?? Google image search em they are the cutest animals in existence)


Questions about likes/dislikes





Anything small cute n furry that has teeth that wouldn't look out of place in a tigers mouth...

Spiders (specially BIG hairy ones - screams like little gurl...I do....)


Oh and thank you to all the young 19-23yr olds who have messaged me, its amazing how a little attention from a younger lass can boost the ego of an older man, for up to 6 weeks a time, so REMEMBER ladies of the chicka persuasion help the older generation and message old fuglys like me, and make them feel good and keep them going for a while longer!!!

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