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am crystal 28 years young lady who is attrative honest kind hearted faithful and open minded and romantic who nows how to treat a man
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Fresh, freebie love stories, articles and rules:

Make a important sentimental dinner for you and your adored lady. Fire a pair of aromatic candles and switch some romantic songs on. This night will be just for you!

Lay a brilliant earrings in the jewelry box she puts such and wait until she see this thing

Watch straight into the eyes of your girl and give more concentration to what they tell you! Say your woman the info about you that no person knows. Or tell them comic story from your boyhood.

Whisper a great deal of passionate words in her ear when people are glancing at you. Say your darling lady how beautiful she is.

Leave a wonderful red flower on the safety seat of your girls car before she goes to work. Her working day will be very lucky. And at nightin the end of day

Look right into the eyes of your young lady and turn much more attention to what she speaks to you!

Cook a coffee and perfect breakfast for your loved young woman. Carry this particular breakfast with a beautiful big rose into her bed. Create a wonder: do it at the exact moment when she rises her eyes.

When attending someones wed ceremony, breathe in your girls ear among the guests: "What I would do over, Id get married you again. "

Write your loving fantasies and transmit them to your lady by specific post. She will be very astonished.

When eating a dinner, divide everything: your food and sweets and forks - feed each other.

Put a pair of earrings in a box of sweets which you will bring with you at your appointment.

Organize a pillow fight from time to time.

When you are in private at some birthday party, whisper in your girls ear the words from her favorite love song and try to sing it for her.

Another time you will make meal for your soul mate, give him/her a bill: tea - kiss in my neck, sweet dessert - 7 kisses, entre- large hug.

And DO NOT say "I told you so. Why did not you pay attention to me? ".

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