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Я нахожусь в поиске обычая женщина не слишком капризный с умеренными взглядами на жизнь. Спасибо заранее. спасибо

Ash, 40
Ash, Jerusalem

Fun, adventurous and outgoig guy looking for a true loving relationship with an uninhbited, vivacious outgoing girl

Alex, 52
Alex, Or Yehuda

I can be rude and can be tender . Unpredictable and creative . When I see a slim cute butt and nice legs , eroticaly dangerous . I introduced myself to my kind of girls , " 90 %  sexual wildne…

Lex973, 33
Lex973, Haifa
About me huh...? Well my name is Alex but my friends call me Lex. I'm usually way too over-analytical and awkward with these things so i'm just going to jump right into it... :) i'm a self-procl…

Mikel, 54
Mikel, Tur'an will be more than satisfied...much much more...