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ShadyMari from Odessa, Ukraine

I think that i am the woman, who has big inner world and i am both attractive outside and inside. I have some experience in this life and i try to put family values higher than anything else. I am very calm woman and i dont like any quarrels or hard discussions, but i am not against if someone expresses his point of view and he is honest with me because i am trying to be honest with people also. I have a lot of interests and dreams in my life and i will be glad to be with someone who can share these interests with me. Life is unique when you have your beloved one near you, right? and this person brings sense to your life just every day from morning till night)

I dont have high demands for my man and its very important for me when i feel with my soul that this person is my native soul and he is ready to accept me like i am. It will be great to be with someone who has nice sense of humor and who is not afraid of any obstacles which may happen in family life.

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Well, as for me, I am a very positive person and I love to help people) I have a lot of friends and I love to get to know more and more) I am looking for new and new acquaintances  because when you would need any help, you always have person who would support you!My mail


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jonlove from mumbai, India

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