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Now, about who I am looking for. I don't believe that there is such thing as a perfect person, but there is someone who is perfect for me. My ideal match is educated and intelligent but not arrogant, kind, thoughtful and have a wicked sense of humor including irreverence. I'm looking for someone who has curiousity, goals and ambition, is mentally and physically healthy, likes good food, is environmentally conscious and loves the outdoors. I like men who dress well and take care of themselves, but are not vain about their appearance. I am searching for someone who has similar interests, yet brings new ideas to the relationship. I'd like you to be my equal in most matters, but always be better than me at getting spiders out of the shower and opening jars. If you can cook, you are a superstar in my book, and if you believe eggplant is wrong, we will get along just splendidly.

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When a foreign man made up his mind to marry a Russian young lady it says that he visualize what troubles he can find on his personal way. The first and the most essential is distinction in behavior and understanding the earth around. Then it goes varied customs, communicating various dialects and having the other outlook. sexy Russian brides are not the same as in your state. They are more pretty, intelligent and human. They are good fiances and warm-hearted mothers. They were developed with a concept that good family is the most essential thing in womans life and she must do all possible and impossible for setting up a durable and fine marriage. So, if you are eager to live and go fifty-fifty on the marriage with such sort of girls, look through the material below. Here you can read some more about Russian young ladies, their way of thinking, their likes and wants, their opinions towards different affairs and furthermore their common features of personality.

Favorite dresses of Russian young ladies
You will be impressed the manner Russian woman will dressed at first appointment. She will look brilliant. European girls dont pay much notice to her looks and cloth comparing with single Russian bride or Ukrainian girls. They can wear shapeless T-shirts or old-fashioned cloth, but Russian women will never wear this.

Look of Russian girls
Mainly Russian and Ukrainian ladies and ladies are thin. They never use for eating too much dreadful fast dinner which is good. Opposed to this fact they constantly made meal at home. Today there are a huge number of girls who live inactively but at the same moment they go to gym. Other girls use civil transport and are movable. Commonly Russian young ladies pay greater notice to make-up and dressing than ladies in other places. A lot of them follow a definite diet and regularly go to sport club to stay fit. Actually, Ukrainian women and girls look very beautiful and pretty.

Russian and Ukrainian ladies and creed
Faithful issue is very sophisticated one. So if youve decided to get married a Russian young lady you need to discuss this subject in all details. As you understand there is a big distinctness between Russian and Western ladies opinions towards theology. Western women are very spiritual; they attend religious places every weekend and turn large consideration to virtuous places and subjects. Russian girls are as well spiritual, but they attend cathedral only on largest sacred holidays like Christmas, Epiphany, Easter, etc. Possibly it becomes so because of their training. But nevertheless a foreigner is obliged to discuss this subject about creed, cathedrals and faith before starting family life with a Russian girl.

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