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Hi! I am active and communicative person. I have rich inner world and strong moral values. Sometimes I can be emotional especially when I love. It is easy for me to show my feelings. I can tell you also that I am romantic person and I can dream. I have strong personality and I get used to gain my aims for this reason people appreciate me. I believe that I can make my partner happy and I hope you will be never disappointed that you meet me. I really enjoy and appreciate my life. I have a lot of interests in my life. I enjoy spending my time with people who I share the same interests with. I will tell you about my main interests and I hope you will enjoy reading it. My main hobbies are traveling and learning about new unknown things. I suppose it is very interesting to learn about new countries and their cultures. It is so exciting to discover foreign lands especially when you are with your beloved person together. I hope you will write me and we will start to travel with you together. How is this sound to you?

Hi! I know that it is not possible to find perfect person and I am not looking for a perfect partner. I only want to love and to be loved. I want to find serious and responsible man who will love and trust me. It will be good if we have things in common. Most of all I value honesty in people and I will be very glad to share my life with faithful man.

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i am a very gentle man and very nice and kind

Don't have interests
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I am smart, creative, loyal, personable, likeable, sensual, sometimes shy-sometimes not, sometimes introverted-often well adapted adn outgoing but not type "A" if u know what that means.......fairly well-read adn i wirte pretty good poetry so that makes me quite romantic and passionate and emotional (sometimes)......I am really quite a sensitive guy but not a victim of life.....more like on the joyful side of things, if you understand me....... i am not rich so if money interests you please feel free to go elsewhere..AND i am not your free ticket to anywhere! Love me for real adn i will do my best to be a good lover, companion, friend adn truthful to me adn i will give my best back.

she is a smart, loyal, sexy, sensual, feminine woman who can value me as someone special to her. After all if u can adore me than i can adore you right back. U are someone who wishes to committ to a Western man and believes in the sancity and excusiveness of a marriage....I have been betrayed before....I am a very truthful fellow adn expect her to be the same......


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