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  People in the 21st century spend a lot of time at work. A recent study shows that the average work week in multi - national companies is approximately 55-60 hours. This heavy work schedule does not give individuals time to socialize. The increasing presence of women in the workforce also gives a couple opportunities to forge relationships. The relationship if handled well can turn into a lifelong commitment. Also every professional separates work from pleasure. The line
  To have a perfect date is an achievement in today's time. There is enormous amount of pressure especially from television and other media. Today's generation have high standards when it comes to a perfect date. To live up to the expectations is a tough task. This article will help you have the perfect date. The first date makes a lasting impression on your partner. The later dates will depend on this mega event. Here are some tips to help you out; 1) Yo
  You had been to a date with this guy and you liked him a lot. You are not sure if he likes you that much. But you are looking for another date with him again and you call him up and tell him, "let's do it again". But, unfortunately, you don't hear from him and it's been more than two days now. What do you do? Such situations arise frequently and it is up to the girl to decide now. If you feel the guy is not very interested in you, it's completely your call. May

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