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Little hint. With the most interesting first sentence, with better appearance, it is possible, however to fail in an attempt to start a conversation because that would be a violation of private zone. For example, you come too close, or closed the light, look down on her. In this case, you are not perceived as a person who wants to start a conversation with a beautiful girl, b
There are people who are able to naturally feel in unfamiliar company. It does not take five minutes, and they already know all the names, and after half an hour it seems that they know all your life. This is - lucky gift. And for these people, this article is not needed - they all know instinctively, literally from birth, but over the years, only perfect in the art of c
  Meet a woman at the hairdressing salon At the salon there are always a lot of women, when you see an attractive woman, tell her - "You're very attractive, but probably already married, would you like to have dinner together." It will be very daring but the effect is fantastic.
There is nothing to hide - the intimate life of many couples sooner or later crushes. The love between you is still there, and you do have sex, and even get pleasure from it. It's that sex is becoming rarer and less passionate. Partners are less initiative, and you certainly do not aim to be active. Maybe it's time to think about that? Suc

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