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Often, couples are faced to the fact that sexual attraction to each other fades away. Having sex relationships? They require everyday tra
You have a problem with women? Maybe you're just the kind of man who scares off other sex.   Certain types of men can attract women or scare. It is especially relevant at the stage of dating. Knowing your bad habits, you'll be able to control yourself and make a favorable first impression.   1. Man needs your attention   He
1. We call our loved one a hundred times a day. Even when a man is at work, we still call him each 20 minutes, not realizing that it distracts him from his post. We explained it that we care and worry for him. However, for this care is a limit.   2. We can talk for hours with friends on the phone. Even if the object of our conversation is recipes for cooking, the stronger sex is on our offense. They like attention to their own person, so offended, thinking that with him we
Some men get jealous when they find out that their friends are getting married with Russian women; some women get angry because they are not so beautiful and popular. It is not a surprise because Russian girls always were desired. It is very hard to not become jealous if some of your friends have beautiful Russian wife. Russian girls keep the top position in the list of the most attractive women in the world. This makes people spread the gossips sometimes. Some bad tongues say t

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