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Have you ever encountered such a phenomenon like love at a distance? Or perhaps you yourself had love at distance? Is it good or bad? Let's look at it. Can you love at a distance, or
All relationships start out as a romantic adventure. We cannot wait to meet, we hope, that this man will love you your whole life. But as time goes on, and romance begins to fade from the relationship. It happens so often that it is alrea
Do you know what love is? Pay attention to couples that are in love. Are you sure they are in love?? At one point, I realized one important thing. When man is in love he looks at the object he loves with very unusual look, as if it were the most important thing in his life. People that love each other they have different relat
1. Selfishness . Modern society is a big city, flooded representatives, both male and female, who care only about themselves, they do not care about the feelings of others. They believe that their sexual attraction holds the highest possible price, dollars, that way, under a million. Women of this kind love to humiliate manh

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