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Hi my name is Mellisa i am 21 from New York,i am a sincere, woman looking to deepen my life experiences MY hair color is blond, wide blue eyes, natural firm Measurement of 32B-28-35 and a smooth white creamy complexion and face of an angel .I am a seductive redhead beauty,I want passion ,excitement,intensity, I love outdoors and traveling to new places i am a fun loving girl , I love long walks on the beach, romantic dinners, and quiet times at home watching movies. I also like to listen to music. I don't like men who are not honest i am looking for some one that can have a good time on a date and tell me few jokes and can laugh with me For the most part I am a nice, intellectual, funny gal . ... looking for open minded guy to make me laugh, take me out doing nature and social activities

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It is widely known reality that beautiful Rusian ladies, who are searching for a soul mate, are very big fantasizers. They are seeking for their prince and if they cannot find and meet him in their own state will begin to search for him in the European states. They are seeking for a king who can make their dreams come true; who will admire them to the last minute; call her a princess and repiodically will provide for her a "champagne spa". If you start laughing after you see the last words, dont. It is not a fun. What is printed in the foregoing paragraph is a very honest picture of the wishes most Russian girls have who are looking for their European capitain.

These Russian young ladies are not the only fantasizers who are not looking at reality. Why? Because a great deal of western men seek ladies who wish to stay at home. A young lady who will be careful of her husband and children. Western guys are sick and tired of the feminism groups and the independency of women from their own city and are making any effort to find calmness for their body in the arms of a Russian "family oriented" girl. Who will also be interested in him. Would you mind if someone take care of you: preparing a tasty meal for you, makes juice or coffee for you, who is aware that you are sick and tired and you wish to be alone for a couple of minutes? Who would not irritate you when you work, who does not ask you for untrue things? Who loves you and gives you a kiss when you come home?

Definitely. But not everything is as simple and delightful as that. If a guy desires his future lady to sit at home and guard the home and children, he have to earn good money and provide a marvelous being for them. I consider you guys understand that in these days life is difficult and high-priced. So if it is possible for you to live and make income for the total family, you can have a delicious dinner and I am sure your hot Ukrainian girl will be very happy to prepare it for you. But to tell you the truth practically every girl is earning money in FSU countries. It happens so not because the men in FSU states are cruel and demanding, and do not wish to give the salary to their young ladies…no, no. It becomes so because of moneyless financial situation in these countries. Almost every girl needs to work for creating some more additional money for the entire family and kids.

So, decide what direction is more acceptable for you. Do you wish your fianc? E to work and constantly earn income? Or do you prefer to see your darling bride looking after your palace? And you will earn salary for the whole family in reply. But in any way, be honest and every time tell true to your loved wife. She will surely feel if you are telling lie as she has a exciting and passionate soul.

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