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I think that my main features are openness and kindness. I am a very affectionate, caring, nice and tender woman. At the same time I am easy-going, curious, and ready for any kind of changes. I am sure that honesty should lay in the beginning of any kind of relations especially if it leads to the marriage. I am interested in photography, traveling and cooking. I adore learning new things, visiting new places and meeting people of different cultures. I like nature and enjoy being outdoors. I do sports when I have time for this. But my biggest interest is life and living and experiencing life is the biggest pleasure for me.

Of course as every romantic young lady I would like to tell you that I am here in order to find that man who can give me such a feeling of being loved with all his heart and soul. Well maybe I am talking about a real prince but I believe that he exists. I do want to meet here such a person whose heart will hear the beating of mine and will share all the kindness, honesty, tenderness, love and passion with me. I think that the most importing thing in relations is honesty and openness, so I am looking just for such a kind of man!

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mary jane
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Nat thar lay
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Www nattharlay com

·         I lived to London, United Kingdom for about 3 years, holding a TIER 4 Visa for studying Higher National Diploma in Health in Social Care. (Adult)

Graduate as Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Manila, Philippines)

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My name is Ali. I'm pleasant, sportive, communicative person who enjoys life in full and will not do any things by halves. I like nature, I like dances, and active lifestyle! What more - I don't smoke. I like to develop myself, everyday to get know something new. I don’t ever tell about difficulties and I don't like to change the girl's character. If I chose the GİRL - I'm ready to give him the whole my life! I don't want to tell about the money. I prefer the Love and not the money! It is only the piece of me and my life. In a few letters we can get to know each other and understand what we want! Very Happy


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