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I am very happy to hear that from you and also i am Mary Smith and i am 5.8ft tall, i was born and grow up in Maryland (USA), but i am right now in West Africa Nigeria for an excursion and studying Technology, and i am hoping to be back home as soon as i am done with the course, because i am also studying Info and Technology here in the state. well my father is deceased while my mother is still alive and we live together, also i was born into a family of 2 children which i am the youngest, i have a sister and she is 35yrs. i live with my mother here in Maryland, and i am looking for a real man with honest,faithful,loyal,honest,caring,trustworthy,kindness and hard working to be with and i have many men wanting me here as much as they want, but i discover that they dont have true love and all they have is love of beauty and they are also fake, that was why i left them all and i was here searching for the real man to be with.

Basic, gratis relationship stories, advices and rules:

Send a love card without any reason to her individual mail address or transmit it by post. Both are nice.

Send a fine bouquet of flowers to your dear young woman without any reason. Do it as many times as possible, she will be amazed.

Watch straight into the eyes of your girl and give much more notice to what they speak you! Tell your woman something about you that no person knows. Or say them funny fantasy from your adolescence.

Make a fantastic by candlelight meal. Do not wait a lot. Do it this night.

Say her some little secret from your life. Present it as something very substantial for you and tell that from this moment it will be your joint secret. Pay her concentration to the point that she is the single person who is aware of this secret and to whom you can trust.

Look right into the eyes of your woman and pay more concentration to what she tells you!

Prepare a strong coffee and fine breakfast for your darling young woman. Hold this extraordinary breakfast with a great white rose into her bed. Make a surprise: do it at the exact minute when she opens her eyes.

Find or compose a nice loving essay and transmit it to your darling young woman. It will be like in past time when guys disclosed their love feelings in rhythmic way.

Send a loving letter through mail. Your love truly cannot wait.

When you are alone, speak softly in her ear: "You are the most perfect! You are perfect! You are so pretty! You are the most beautiful lady Ive met! "

Feed each other at people. Let people think that you are the happiest family in the world.

Make a pillow war sometimes.

When you are tet-a-tet at some party, whisper in your girls ear the words from her favorite love song and make an effort to sing it for her.

Organize some unusual delightful meal with fragrant candles shining like little gold lights around the room. And after dinner you can delight in a nice full of fragrant bubbles bath or take a passionate swimming into the pool with big red rose petals.

And NEVER, NEVER, NEVER say "I told you so. Why did not you listen to me? ".

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