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Coloured,broad shoulders,handsome,out for good times,fun meeting many new woman.So if u sexy n you know it hit me up.any race or religion welcome!!!MWAHH!!!feel free to sms me on 0726776724!

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The dream of each nice Rusian lady is to meet a king for her future wed life. She wants to meet an elegant, educated, nice man like in fairy stories whom she can give for safety her love and sensual soul. Each lady needs respect and love; she wants to marry a person who will cherish her to death, who will make all her hopes come true, who will define her a princess and from time to time provide a "full of rose petals bath" for her. Dont begin to laugh here. I am telling you an absolute truth; a usual Slavonic girl always wishes about such a happiness received from her western guy.

These Russian young women are not the only fantasizers who are not overlooking reality. Why? Because majority of western guys seek women who want to remain at home. A young lady who will be careful of her spouse and children. Western men are sick and tired of the feminism groups and the freedom of young ladies from their own state and are making any effort to find peace for their body in the arms of a Russian "family oriented" woman. Who will as well take care of him. Would you mind if someone be interested in you: preparing a good dinner for you, prepares juice or a cup of coffee for you, who is aware that you are sick and tired and you desire to be sole for a few seconds? Who would not worry you when you are working, who does not ask you for incorrect things? Who loves you and gives you a lots of kisses when you come home?

Cost of well-being is increasing and becomes more and more expensive. Time when an ordinary could enjoy living only the mans income is gone forever! Lots of women must work to assist making good income. Raising a question:

Do all boys that are seeking for a beautiful Ukrainian girl, have an income greater than the typical wed western guy, who can only make meet ends, when nearby there is a working woman or, are these guys actually big dreamers?

Do these boys fantasize about the nice family with tasty dinner on the table every night, made by his Russian wife-housecleaner?

Do they have a money base that permits them to make a family with only his income or, are they fantasizers without any link to real life?

So, make a decision what position is more admissible for you. Do you want your future wife to work and earn money? Or do you wish to see your beloved woman looking after your house? And you will earn salary for the entire family in answer. But in any way, be sincere and all times tell true to your beloved wife. She will surely feel if you are telling lie as she has a exciting and passionate heart.

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