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7 milliards of people live in the world, boys, girls, men, women, you and me. We are all unique, we all have different goals and dreams. We all live different lives and enjoy different things. But every day people meet and understand the meaning of the word love, the meaning of happiness. People meet, fall in love, create families, their differences turn into similarities, so different and strange people become very close, as our life gives us chances. I got my chance and I am here now. I am young, but purposeful and persistent. I am caring and loving and I am sure I will be a perfect wife and life partner for my future husband. I believe that a real lady should be very elegant, a little bit shy and with good manners. So you will not find naked or half naked photos in my profile. I am different, with high moral values, family-oriented, and I think that future wife and mother should behave properly. I hope you will like who I am

I am here to find my special man, who can be anywhere in the world, who can drink a cup of coffee now or drive his car across the ocean. But it doesn`t matter that we are far, as we are going to meet soon. As you see I am very romantic, but at the same time down to earth and realistic. Love is a reality, right, so maybe let`s prove to others that it exists?! My man is my second half, so we should have a lot of in common and at the same time to be different to complete each other. He is serious, successful in life, knows what he wants and ready to do everything to get what he wants. He is tender and loving with his wife and family. Sometimes unpredictable and want to surprise his dear people. He is my support and head of the family. He respects women and knows how to treat them properly.

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i am 1,78 m tall and got very blue eyes

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Pan pal, Travel Partner, Friendship, Relationship, Romance. I am free spirit easy going, caring, sincere, communicative, kind, open minded, happy, love life, and people and live for Love, spiritual, not material, live from NEED not WANTS. Love music. I love to travel and travel a lot, and been on every continent. My biological age is around 30 despite the time I lived on this beautiful planet of ours. I am spiritual and live by the laws of nature. I have been and lived through material life and possessions and have left that world. I am prepared to teach my mate the secrets of life and spirituality, kirilsokolov

I am looking for the person who knows how to love herself because if she does not she cannot give me something that she hasn’t got. Also to know how to respect and accept herself, know how to live form NEED and not from WANT. Prefer slim person and one who wants to learn and expand her consciousness. I am looking for someone who is open minded and young in mind and willing to constantly grow.


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