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Pedro, Toowoomba 76
Age:76 years and 257 days
City:Toowoomba, Australia
Marital status:Single
Registration:30 December 2011
Zodiac Sign:Aquarius
Children:No Children

About Pedro:

The best runner in school playing footy tackled the biggest guy on the other team,He crashed,heavily the ball flew from his arms but his heel gave me a blood nose making it crooked Years later Ive never seen better waves for body surfing.It was cold & I had no wetsuit so would jump back fast & catch another screamer. Almost time to leave I went for just 1more but wasnt ready.It speared my face into the sand I heard quite a crack thinking Uh Oh If my neck, ill be paraplegic.But NO it was the old nose, blood & water streaming down my chest ,But the funny thing is it ALMOST straightened the old beak.--------
With my van &12' trailer Ive done 90+ full house moves for poor folk free some at distance using a few tanks of gas.One handicapped guy I moved house for 33times in 22yrs.3putting the gear in storage while he stayed in an onsite caravan,four up,Then back again a steep range using over a tank of gas,He has always had a full houseful of furniture TVs computers&twice the clothes he needs.If you added up normal removal fees & a little interest it would come to almost $25,000.
Began building on my sixteenth birthday & after 8yrs.& 2in Bible School I built a hi-set extension on a house for retiring missionaries. I dug& poured the footings did blockwork,timber even ceiling sheets held up one end by a frame I made.There was storage workshop under & a deck looking down a hill over a pleasant view.& was sad I never got a thank you note.Later built a major extension for an aboriginal family of 7,with only 3 bedrooms supplying the steel frame windows & doors free from a demo I did .
Because of health problems after three years voluntary building for church camps & an aboriginal mission much in hot dry N.W.Qldaboriginal mission much in hot dry N.W.Qld.I researched antiaging & recent developments are breathtaking.They coined the term,"youthing"mainly from two things.
1.Stemcell products reverse aging for a time using telomerase from umbilical chords.
2.Marine phytoplankton in capsules or liquid stimulate the bone marrow to produce more.
3.They test the 12major hormones making a capsule,cream,patch or implant in the buttocks to replenish those low.
4.Aminoacid combos at times with ginseng, ginko& B.vitamins stimulate the glands to produce more.
5.Glandulars from animals have helped cure other ailments
6.Then sheep placenta &
7.Colostrum from pregnant cows milk that have
proved  beneficial for many things.
8.Oxygen drops in water promote health.
9.Ozone generators also oxygenate the blood with great benefits.
10.Ionizers mostly used at night purify the air & both are reasonably priced.
11.Infrared clothing,ray lamps & saunas are great for detox + general health.
12.Ive trained in remedial massage& used with pressure points & energy meridians can be used for relaxation or to focus on any organs health.
13.Vibration machines where you shift your weight from one foot to another & even put your hands on doing a few push-ups is great.Exercise bikes also give at home deep breathing & blood pumping benefit
14.Reishi & Shitaki mushrooms & even common ones are great.
I like to scramble some with a few eggs.
15.I grow basil,rosemary,oregano,mint,& sage,simmer 10min.
add salt&vegestock & its a delicious & nutritious drink.
16.Spices & herbs in food aid digestion as well as increasing flavor.

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