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سكس من هونولولو
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سكس من هونولولو
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سكس هونولولو
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سكس هونولولو
سكس من هونولولو
سكس هونولولو
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سكس هونولولو
Raist Buggy i base in UK Men are like a fine wine, we're better with age. Im much calmer and more laid back than I used to be and I dont sweat the small stuff anymore. Getting over my ego and having a quiet confidence helped me accept myself for being completely imperfect and blunt. To the contrary, I am a total boy, love the outdoors, my dogs, I work on my own stuff and cars, intensely driven, adventurous, & always happy to see you. Im completely nonconventional yet realistic and old fashioned at the same time. I would rather give you your way than argue. I'm into nice ambitious confident men that arent afraid to go out and get dirty and have the capacity to keep up with me-in bed, on paper, and in the gym. I like laid back, open minded, easy going, understanding and forgiving men that have the knowledge of life and yet not only exist within their own realms but partake, appreciate, and cherish life as well. I've met some guys around here that unfortunately are so jaded and stuck in their ways that I can see why they're single-or dont like me-I dont exist like them. If you have an open mind-by all means say hello.
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