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The best feacher of my character is honesty and justice. I live in the most beautifull place in the world - in Saint-Petersburg. And i am happy to give you an excursion to this fasinating place. I study in the University in philology faculty. I like reading also i visit a classes of english laguage, and regularly visit a gym.

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I like a good conversation, the cold side of the pillow, good food, the rough and the smooth, lying in, ghost stories, 80's films, walks in the countryside, live music, the smell of baked bread, magic tricks, Fridays, receiving smiles, talking late into the night, memories, cool breezes on hot days, friends, practical jokes, buying presents, secrets, the ocean...

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I am an average guy, I have many interests, but I am a homebody and would like to meet the same. I believe if you make your home a nice place to be why would you want to be anywhere else? I am mostly serious, with a dry sense of humor, I open up once i get to know people and trust them (trust is very important to me) I have goals and ambitions, but also have limitations, this conflict is one we all must accept and overcome, I too am working toward this in my own life. I speak my mind, but try to be considerate of others feelings. I love nature, even though I don't get out in it alot (complared to those that love nature as much as I do). I try to educate myself daily. I think what women like about me most is I am a interesting, intelligent, funny, sexy (attractive) guy. What women like about me least is that I perfer to stay at home most of the time (if they like to go, go, go they aren't for me) I am bald (some women find that unattractive (it is ok, I am disabled (walk with a cane, some women wouldn't like this also, I make no appologies for it, it is who i am.

I am looking for someone who values loyalty, intelligence, honesty, & love. Who is willing to make a home that is nice enough that you would want to spend the majority of your time there. I am thrifty, goal oriented, and have an idea what i want out of life, i would hope for a woman that is the same. i would say more but i do not wish to influence any response, as i would prefer to hear who you are not who i want you to be, i would have you be yourself


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