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laprada from Pervomajsk, Ukraine

I am originally from the suburbs. I am honest (possibly too much), have a great sense of humor, am outgoing, hard working, creative, open-minded, responsible, perceptive, playful and tend to be a little quirky. I love good conversation, music, photography, shopping, travel and hanging out with friends. I enjoy the beach, mountains, city and the country. I am very eclectic. I can find something amazing at the finest boutique or vintage store and you wouldn't know which one it came from. I like roughing it as well as the finer things in life. I can adjust (and am comfortable) in any sort of environment and not be judgmental. I have never been engaged or married and don't have any kids. I'd really just like to meet new people (no pressure) and if something happens from there, that's cool.

I'd say the most important thing to me is a huge sense of humor. I love to laugh. Someone who is down to earth and themselves in any and every environment. Likes to work and play hard. One who appreciates honesty and prefers it over being told what they want to hear. I'd love to be with someone who likes to be active and spontaneous, yet also likes to just hang out. I'm sure this sounds like every other post. OK, so maybe I should mention some things I don't want so we don't waste either of our time...I told you I can be too honest! OK, no one who is extremely political or all into who's who. No slackers or extremists. I strongly believe in moderation. Oh and I find it really attractive when guys know and appreciate music.

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I am an outdoorsy person with a caring personality Im looking for someone who can match that.

Personal Ads: Male Profile
freezone78 from izmir, Turkey

I've never written a love song.That didn't end in tears.Maybe you'll rewrite my love song.If you can replace my fears.I need your patience and guidance,To love someone takes a day - but it takes a lifetime to forget someone


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