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Sergtmarvin chrouch
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I am absolutely positive about life, people around me and what I do. I believe all we do will always bring us only good things, soon or later. I have dreams, goals and believe I should never stop. I respect myself and people around me, appreciate my family and their opinion but I am independent lady. I have good work that allows me to live separately. I do sport to keep in good shape, dance and sing a little-)

I see myself with a man who is self-confident, knows how to treat his beloved woman and who is not afraid of difficulties because relationships is hard work and those are successful who are persistent and want to be happy.

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Online freely man profile
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Sergtmarvin chrouch
Online freely man profile
Sergtmarvin chrouch
Sergtmarvin chrouch

I am looking for my best friend, partner in life, soul mate and lover. This  include being an honest, sincere, caring, fun loving woman who enjoys living life to the fullest wth an unconditional love. I have a lot of love to give the right person, am very affectionate, and a touchy, feely type of person. Being a one woman man I hope to find that special someone - life is to short not to!!

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Online freely man profile

We all look for the one person to share life with or just to laugh with and with life moving so fast we sometimes miss out on finding our chance for ture romance and love maybe its here and maybe the one person we are ment to find can be out here looking as i do for that special someone to share all things romantic and loving with .

I just want someone who is honest and not afraid to show who she is on the inside i want to be told that if you are someone its this person i am to find feeling for not just someone you may think i want. I need to know that true happyness and a connection is based on more then the sex appeal women think all men want its just as sexy to see the beauty inside someone as outside and to share the wonders of the person you care about means that all of them is what makes it special and hopefully long lasting . So if you are not afraid to show me the real person inside and not be afraid to let someone see the real you i will promise to take you for all you have to offer not just the person you show only on the outside. Love and feeling go beyond the skin to the person i want to see inside.


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