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The frustrating issues that even the best dating app will have

best dating app Dating and hookup apps are the primary means of online dating, due to their number and influence. When there are so many products on the markets, they are bound to compete and compromise to win the users and downloads. However, when it comes to this part of the global app market, the logic is somewhat flawed. The apps have a lot of issues, and most share the biggest of them. The hookup apps overall are very similar in essence. Nowadays, virtually each of them uses the same type of finding matches — swiping — which may not be much of a problem, until you see that newer apps blatantly adopt the entire concept with all the problems of their predecessors. And it's just a tip of an iceberg. Even the best dating app out there shares these problems.


Swiping, as mentioned, isn't a bad feature. It helps you focus on each person individually instead of looking at the endless list of potential partners. However, swiping brings simplicity. And often you don't want simplicity when you want to find a person to spend an evening with. You want to know as much as possible. It comes to extremes. Tinder, the most popular hookup app out there, doesn't even have a proper personal profile. All the conclusions you'll have to make will be based upon several pictures and a brief description. Hardly anything.
Of course, you can start a conversation and ask what they like yourself (it's likely how it was intended). However, if you don't know anything about a person, this conversation will be extremely dull.

The bonuses

Swiping also brings a few uncomfortable features that contribute to another issue with the dating apps. Nevertheless, the 'bonuses' are an essential part of the swiping feature, since it negates most problems with it, albeit for money. And that's exactly the problem — all the prominent everyday issues and inconveniences with swiping can only be resolved by paying up. The rewind button is one such issue. You can't swipe back to see whom you just rejected without thinking. Of course, you generally don't need it unless you mean to write these matches you had found, and it can only be done by paying up too. But if you found someone you really like before you pay up, you'll have to do it then. Otherwise, you'll never see this person again. This is simply blackmailing.

The paid features

It's probably one of the most notorious and unpleasant things about every hookup app. They all make you pay them before allowing you to interact with other users. Every time you try to, the notification will pop up to 'ask you' to buy a subscription for a couple of months. You can't buy access for just a short time or for eternity — you'll have to pay again after a couple of months (determined by you). It's unclear who started it, but no one's going to fall back on earning money out of professional honor. Every single hookup app you'll ever download will make sure you can't use it properly unless you pay them. And it's the sad truth — you can't find anyone ever on these apps without paying up.

The prices

The prices vary, of course. But the most prominent apps charge you a few dozen dollars for the shortest period. And the periods are rarely any shorter than a week (and that's generous). All in all, you can't pay a bit to see if you like the app and then drop it, nor can you see the main features without paying up. So, you're bound to believe the reviews when it comes to these apps.

Paying gives you unfair advantages

If you think that having to empty your wallet for the essential elements of the app is unfair, try looking deeper. There aren't only the bonuses that not only give you access to some elements. More often than not the developers put in their creations the advantages that render you more popular for a couple of hours. You buy one such bonus and it places you on the top on the swiping list alongside other people who did the same. And what's funny is the fact that most of the time these bonuses aren't given with standard subscription, you have to purchase them individually. And it's just one example of such blatant unfairness. Virtually all of these apps do the same if they have an opportunity. Some put a limit on the number of likes you can give out a day and offer you to remove it for a price. Others put the features that can't live without one another in separate packs of paid content. The best advice you can have on this matter — see if the pack of content gives you all the advantages you want and doesn't leave something out for you to pay again. You won't get your money back for the first purchase.

There are always scammers

There's no better way to weed the money from a person than have a charming conversation with them while they believe you to be a cute girl. Mostly they are genuine women, but it isn't new to make a profile on a dating website using someone else's picture. The safety concern is often the first to come up while creating a profile on one dating app or another. Nevertheless, it's quickly thrown out of the window when your picture is liked by someone good-looking. After that you find yourself buying gifts for people who'll likely not even meet you in person.
There are always people like that in this part of the Internet. Some people don't even realize that they scam people out of their belongings — believing that getting gifts is what they're owed by default. And you don't always get them banned by telling the admins about them — after all, it's your fault that you bought a gift to someone or even gave them money. It's not prohibited.

The hobbies are glossed over

There are only a few popular hookup apps that allow you to tell people what your hobbies and interests are. In all other instances, you can only filter people by:
  1. Their age;
  2. Distance away from you;
  3. Gender
Like with profiles, you need to know what your interlocutor likes before jumping into a conversation. If you start it and then realize that you don't have much in common, it'll be a pretty awkward experience. The developers seem to think it's not that important. After all, people come to these apps mostly to find quick hookups to spend one evening with. However, even so, you'll have to talk about something during all that evening, unless you want it to be very awkward and silent. That's why you need at least a brief introduction to a person's interests. Amongst the titans of the market, only Badoo and a couple other apps have this luxury. Tinder certainly doesn't, and all others only allow you to put a few broad preferences to let people know what type of person you are. Most of the time, you can't search for people according to what they like. And especially not according to what they like in people and what their personality is.

In conclusion

There are several very nasty issues with the hookup apps. Somehow all of them adopt one or all of these, in the end, making it very uncomfortable to use this type of apps without wincing sometimes. And the nastiest thing of all, you have to buy access to the app's core before seeing what's wrong with it.
You can't see most of the problems unless you empty your wallet a bit. And even this is a very uncomfortable position. Not a single one of these apps is a paid one, but all of them restrict you from using them properly. Sadly, even the best dating app will have these problems, there's no escaping it. That's pretty much it. If you want to know more about online dating as it is, however, check this video out: