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What are Asian SPAs for: Top secrets of massage parlors in Asia


There are some single men tourists who complain that multiple kinds of massage in Thailand are all boring and time-wasting. Hey, did they try all of those kinds combined with sex?

Only the cheapest Thai masseurs do the body rub not involving full service. If you’re able to pay extra, get to know what are Asian SPAs for. You’ll have the best experience in your life then.

• Some hidden or luxurious saloons have specialists for massages and hookups.

• Other parlors have private rooms and allow a man’s girlfriend to participate too.

• One can just date an Asian girl masseuse and have body rub along with sex for free.

These options are widely used by more experienced men, so now you understand why so many celebrities and world billionaires chose to spend their vacations in Thailand.

Here are some types of Thai massage one can combine with sex.

1. Traditional Thai massage. Although usually performed with clothes on, in those special saloons, one can be simultaneously stimulated by his partner orally.

2. Thai oil massage. Oh, that’s one of the best kinds. Your girlfriend can do anything you command to her, while you are massaged all-over with warm fragrant oils.

3. Thai foot massage. This one can take hours. But men report, it brings very unique sensations when combined with the lip service or any other kind of sex.

Still hesitant to fly over to Bangkok? Just look what a speaking name this city has. Every sex tourist, and each single man should try themselves what are Asian SPAs for.

Asian Women Dating - How to Meet Real Asian Women Online

Unlike the West, Asian women dating is not difficult. In fact, the dating culture of this continent is quite similar. The typical Asian woman will be young and cosmopolitan, with motherly features, and she will be interested in pursuing a prestigious career or education. For example, an Asian woman in the Philippines is known for her enigmatic beauty and strong character. These ladies see their role in the family and marriage as traditional, and they would be happy to find a man who is willing to lead the family. In short, Asian women make the perfect partners.

However, despite these stereotypes, dating Asian women is definitely not easy, and it does require some effort. First, you have to fill out a short registration form. After you have submitted this, your account is verified. You can then customize your personal profile and begin browsing the database of newly created profiles. Once you've made an account, you can start browsing through the profiles of new members. Once you're ready to date an Asian woman, you'll be glad you made the effort.

Once you have a website to sign up with, it's easy to search for Asian women. All you need is a username and password. Once you've joined, you'll want to search for your perfect partner. A good Asian woman dating website will allow you to choose between profiles with the same gender. The process of finding the perfect match is easy, so you'll have no trouble finding someone who shares your interests.

Another great benefit to dating Asian women is that they're generally hard-working and are not as helpless as you may think. Most of them have decent jobs and will give everything to their partner. The best thing to do is start a serious relationship with them. Hence, they are very independent and hardworking. Using an online dating site is a great way to find a woman who has everything you need in life.

Despite the fact that Asian women are attracted to many different men, their preferences are not universal. It's important to understand her culture and avoid stereotyping her. For instance, Asian women are very clingy, jealous, and do not care about their own friends. If she likes you, she'll be loyal and supportive. They will also be interested in you if you share common interests. But if you're looking to date an Asian woman, you need to be aware of her culture.

Unlike the West, Asian women enjoy playing hard to get. They don't give longing stares and will be more likely to enjoy dating a slow-paced relationship. They will also be interested in learning about your culture and history. These traits can make Asian women a great choice for marriage and friendship. These characteristics are a huge plus in asian women. These girls will also make a great partner. This is an excellent reason to try to date Asian women!