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Dakota777, Fort Worth 62
Age:62 years and 243 days
City:Fort Worth, USA
Marital status:Single
Registration:26 October 2008
Zodiac Sign:Scorpio
Children:No Children
Dakota777 Fort Worth

About Dakota777:

let your heart be renewed starting today, let the past go, use what you've learned, apply it with a love so pure only our God could have put it there, let the hate, the greed and all the negativity go, it tears the body down, use your heart, find the real you, for yourself, no matter what you've been through, big storms or small, you made it, now finish from this day, using the love, compassion, mercy that we would want, put it out, and it will come back to you,...for sure
desires of the heart, the heart surely isnt used as much as it should be in our decision making process, isnt it amazing how one decision can be life changing, how one moment in your life, can alter all the rest, its like a wave on the ocean each causing a somewhat different pattern as a result of its existance.. do yourself a favor, and enjoy each moment, let your decisions lead to joy of the heart not tears of the soul, have you ever cried so hard and so much your stomach muscles hurt and you felt as you life was worthless, well, it happens, so make a difference in someones life, be their miracle,.. i think once i find the lady of my heart, i will either relocate, or we both can choose a place where we want to be, as for me i was a counselor for years, in the prison system, then two kids homes, now i drive for a living, by choice, not chance, i have two degrees one in pshchology, and one in economics, i love walking in the rain, and along the beach at night, i love thunderstorms, and roasting marshmellow over an open fire, i love cuddling with a special lady in front of a glowing fire, and sipping wine.a woman who is kind, soft spoken, and loves to be treated like a lady, a soft touch, a soft kiss, a warm hug, a partner to share all that is before us, someone who would accept a warm kiss for no particular reason, just for being who you are, or a rose, just because... guess if i had to describe my personality, i would be a slow dancer, a man with a slow hand, an easy touch, like the song says, im a touchy feely guy, love to be held and to hold, there is so much theraputic value in the touch that people just dont realize,the eyes are the windows of the soul, and we will know when we hold each other and look deeply into each others eyes what we feel in our hearts, any man can make love to a womans body, but a real man makes love to her soul.... well anyway, guess thats about it, so when you look at this profile, if this is what you want, drop me a line..let me hear from you..dakota ////////just wanted to add isnt it amazing, that as we journey through life, we have so many highs and lows, yet we seek acceptance, love, warmth from each other, and sometimes, what we seek isnt found, but the opposite, hate, arrogance, greed. i guess there was a point in my life that i realized that if i try understanding instead of judgement, love instead of a shallow opinion of how I thought it should be, i began to apply this thinking to my life, with the help of God of course, things began to fall in place for me, things that normally upset me, no longer did, people who were rude, no longer could effect how my day went, due to i understood that we all walk a different road in this life, and some have more bumps than others, and to really be able to say, this is how you should have reacted, i would have to have walked in their shoes, so again, by the grace of God, my life amazes me each day, and im thankful and know for each person i meet, im richer for it, and i try in some way to be a positive force in their life also, if only for a second in time, so should our paths cross, i know that i will learn, and be richer for meeting you. first date should be oral right? dakota

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