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cilim, 47
cilim, Đakovo
I am an ordinary man who has not yet found its own share heart.I request to the division of happiness together.

filip, 49
filip, Zagreb

My favorite music is: everything

My weight is 85 kg
I`m 175 cm tall
My favorite sport to play is: football


Davor, 58
Davor, Zagreb

I am nice good looking guy desperatly seeking for a new life. I am sick of my life and I want back my old life , life when I was happy.

Amin, 55
Amin, Zagreb

I am 44 year old man from Croatia with great wish to meet  a woman with similar interests for serious relationship. Actually a marriage.


A am Graphic Designer by profession. I have…

Vicko, 64
Vicko, Rijeka

There are many things to do  until the life circle is turning, but there is no any one to know where is the ending point.