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Dominic, Chelmsford 49
Age:49 years and 81 days
City:Chelmsford, UK
Marital status:Single
Registration:07 November 2013
Zodiac Sign:Leo
Children:No Children
Dominic Chelmsford

About Dominic:

Master: I am a 42 year old Man. I have been into BDSM since my early teens when I first became aware of my naturally strong desires. I have had both vanilla and BDSM orientated relationships. I am naturally assertive, strong minded, fun, energetic, creative and personable. I have met slaves before who have become stuck in abusive relationships. I am not looking for a punch bag. I desire a slave who has a life and life experiences. 


slave: You will desire to be owned by an intelligent who is grounded in common sense and who has a rational and realistic view of life. The M/s relationship will develop into one of complete ownership, obedience, loyalty (both ways), respect, routine, rules, friendship, use in anyway at any time. Punishments will range from mild through subtle to harsh or severe. Ultimately the slave as property may be handled, used or done with however the Master sees fit. More importantly the Master would always show care, consideration, love and respect. Cuddling, spending time together, doing things and enjoying life also count immensely. 


There are many things that I have not said about what I seek or desire. Its is also true that relationships should contain warmth and love and these play a key role in the topic. I'd love to hear from you, to chat and exchange thoughts. Below is a sample article of ownership that I enjoyed writing!!


Sample Articles of Ownership for Master/slave relationship


The Master assumes all rights and responsibilities for and over his slave. The slave freely and willingly submits and gives over all rights to the Master.  The Master will exercise all due diligence in providing love, care and support to his slave and will always act with his slaves best interests in mind. The slave, being owned will have total trust and faith in her Master to provide all care and protection.


Master: The Master accepts ownership of the slave. The Master has all the rights and privileges of an owner of property. He may do anything he wishes to do his slave at any time, in place, anywhere and in anyway he desires. The Master will always act gentlemanly as befits his station as the owner of a slave. The Master will always be mindful of his slave’s welfare both mentally and physically. It is the Masters duty to recognise the slave vulnerability and total reliance and him and ensure that he acts with integrity and understanding.


Slave: The slave accepts that she has freely submitted herself to the ownership of her Master. The slave has relinquished all rights and accepts her Masters rule and judgement in all matters. The slave will conduct herself in a positive and respectful way in public and in private so that she does not shame herself or her Master. The slave will obey all directions and instructions immediately without hesitation or question.  The slave will aways be open and honest with her thoughts and emotions and may never hold anything back.


Public Life: Public life should be open and normal with both the Master and slave enjoying friends and being trusted to be away outside of the others company. Within this Master/slave relationship jealousy will not be tolerated in either party. The Master/slave relationship herein outlined must be built on absolute unquestioning love, honesty, devotion and loyalty. Without this bedrock there is no relationship to be had.


Sexual Conduct: The slave is the owned property of her Master. The slaves mind and body are owned and as a slave she may be used in any way, shape or form the Master desires. The Master may indulge in any pursuit that leads to the slave being stimulated with pleasure or pain to any degree. The Master is restricted to the usual rules that he may never cause permanent damage, scars or pursue unhealthy acts.


Etc etc etc....


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