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Irek, Swarzędz 45
Age:45 years and 116 days
City:Swarzędz, Poland
Marital status:Single
Registration:11 November 2012
Zodiac Sign:Cancer
Children:No Children
Irek Swarzędz

About Irek:

I live in Krakow, beautiful and big and too modern city full of monuments in Poland!

I'm not a business owner, I'm not rich or spoiled, I'm just the restaurant manager, but I'm smart and hardworking person. Looking only true love: passion of the heart, the soul of friendship, madness, mind. I have never interested me adventures in sex, it can be an adventure as caviar and wine, and then just think about it, I prefer to eat caviar every day ... :). I'm a little strange man, because instead of having to go with friends for a beer, I prefer to go with a woman in the theater, the cinema, the dance. I love to dance, and I dance very well, I love to cook, I can also set the faucet in the house, but I do not like to be a car driver, it's my fault and weakness. I am very sensitive and open to your problems, the need for sensitivity, support, etc., but also expect. I never cheated on a woman, I'm a loyal and honorable. I'm also crazy and very passionate, I love the openness. I enjoy sex, but only in conjunction with the feeling, because sex is the icing on the cake of love. Same sex only as a sport does not interest me, I'm interested magic smell must be love in the air .. As you can see the pictures I'm not shy, I think that nothing human is alien to us, are not ashamed of their sexuality. If I like it gives himself to all my heart, my soul, my dreams, my life. Once I fell in love with the woman and gave her everything she deceived me, betrayed, she married me only for the money, I just do not love you like I love is blind, so I have not seen in a few years she met a man, a man who loves me, a woman who loves to live at their expense, and so on, she fell in love with him, and she leaves him, she was able to jump him into the fire, I gave her all my heart, I loved I am brave, took care of it helped, supported, lust, he was everything to me, but I did not get anything in return, even a bit of sensitivity, I'm a romantic, very receptive so many years, I loved the double love for us. I saw it once, I fell in love, despite the fact that he was a bad man, I could see that she was able to do it for him, she fought like a lioness about his interests, he has changed from day to day, it has become for him in a minute a woman, I dreamed of for many years, my heart really suffered and learned to love is not just a friendship, that love is real only when the heart is truly want to be together when two hearts are crazy about each other when two heart failures and crazy desire to be involved. There should be reciprocity!

 in true love, but I'm afraid to be deceived again. Heal my heart after he was burned alive, I believe in true love, in fact, trust, mutual respect, magic, love is like the sun, which warms our souls, it is like a butterfly flaps its wings, which of colorful colors, just natural mountain stream, beautiful, love is all you need for life. Without love, life is cold, dark and hard. Now I know that if you can not see the common interest, mutual frenzied desire to be together, if there is only love, on the one hand, such a relationship does not stand a chance at happiness. I have a dream, to love and be loved, crazy dreams about love between two people become one. I want to admire your heart and your feminine charm. I'm not looking for a model, I am looking for a woman with a good heart, but also looking for a sensual woman, I'll be glad if you send me a picture I love to admire feminine, does not mean that I'm looking for just a beautiful woman, the sensuality and the beauty of it is different. I want to admire your heart and your feminine charm. I'm not looking for a model, I am looking for a woman with a good heart, but also looking for a sensual woman, I'll be glad if you send me a picture I love to admire feminine, does not mean that I'm looking for just a beautiful woman, the sensuality and the beauty of it is different. I'm just happy when a woman looks good and sensual, and sexually attractive .. exciting and sometimes very sexually provocative, I feel just like a child who gets the candy.


THIS SITE dating is fraud?, Women do not read the description?. I want to see your real nature photos taken in the park, at home, on vacation, and Mauger in łozku.

I hate pictures, take photos, they are not real photos, pictures, plastic, artificial. I want you to want to visit my beautiful country and came to me. I dream of waking up next to you and you want to look for a moment at the face as you sleep, I'll feel that you are the most valuable of all, I have .. I want to dance with you in the rain, laugh together, cry, hold your hand and run in front of him, dancing till dawn, I want to open the door in front of you, your nose dirty ice cream, watch the sunset together to share their joys and sorrows. I just want to love and be loved. I am a happy person, open and communicative. I'm looking for a woman who appreciates the conversation and is not ashamed to say or write the first man. I am looking for a woman, sensitive, open, sociable, passionate, sensual and beautiful to me, because the taste is not discussed. I'm looking for a woman angel and the devil, I together in bed, you can try everything. I'll be happy. If my future wife will be a little bisexual ... :) I do not know why, but I'm very happy when I think about the view of the two women together, it is my strong unfulfilled fantasies and desires. I am very loyal, affectionate, loving, self-respecting woman, but I have a feeling too hot and wants to find a very passionate woman with a good heart, who loves other women, too sexy, I'm looking for a woman to be my wife, I'll be happy if it is a little bisexual, and sometimes she wants to make sex with three people who mean the time that we want to invite another woman into our bed. I think it's great fun and the wife and the husband. In this fantasy excites me the most, not having two women, but the sight of the two women and they sobie fun. Write me a long letter, I want to know, the desire of your dreams, too Send me a picture of the mystery .... I am looking for a woman with a good heart, but also very honest and very open mind for each type of experiments in sex. I want to see if you're a woman, very sensual and sexy, as a woman, I'm looking for .. I have a very good and faithful heart, but I am very passionate and I have unruly desires, it means that I am a bad person if I really open???? You read all of my description, it is very important to me! !!! I'm a man on the Moon, not Mars. I am very romantic, sensitive, empathetic. Just looking for a serious relationship, permanent relationship, partnership, mutual respect, support, and substance abuse. Being in connection gives me energy, like the sun, the most beautiful moments are those when the time comes, we create our own little perfect world. I am looking for a woman with a good heart, but also sensitive, ambitious, and very sensual, passionate and open sexually. I do not like women who are too shameful for a woman is a miracle of miracles must admire. I like young women, but I like mature women. It does not matter, date of birth, but it is important to magic, fire between women and men. I'm not selfish, I'm more lucky when I give a woman pleasure, once, when I was at the dentist, the dentist told me it's hard to fix his teeth, is an obstacle, because you tongue and you have a longer than average ,when it said I got it, I think I now know why I have so much love to give a woman pleasure my tongue ..... hahahaha. I am a romantic, interested in astrology, Funny world, I love traveling, I love the noise of the sea, beaches, sun, candlelight dinner, music, holding hands, walking under the sun, theater, cinema, theater, I love sports, but I do not like an extreme sport .. I am a good cook and good dancing (so say my friends.) I am very outgoing, love to talk about everything, there is no taboo for me, I always try to listen, advise and help. I do not believe in horoscopes written that when I won the lottery jackpot tomorrow, but I think that astrology is a land of truth, so I'm familiar Cancer rat in the Chinese zodiac, the numerologist my number masterly 11 Other 2. I'm also interested in the economy, at work, I can run a restaurant. Amateur wrote poetry, I can fix the tap .. and so on, but it does have one drawback weakness: I do not like to drive a car, I'm very bad driver. I do not drink vodka, I hate the color or pure vodka, sometimes I like to have a glass of wine with dinner or drink security gin and grapefruit juice, because the acidic juice neutralizes alcohol :).

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