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Most men believe that on the first date is important to take a shot or two to get in contact with a partner, place him or her in trust and closer communication. Due to intoxication, a man casts off the complexes and then the extra clothes. But if you plan to subdue the man, you should not start dating, especially the first, with alcohol. The second point is to get attractive lingerie. Again, this view tends the most men. Color line every man chooses at his discretion, but the leaders are black and white lingerie. Not beige, but white. By the way, men may not notice but inside they know that white inspires them to an inner feeling of innocence of the partner.

The woman in red persistently associated with passion and aggression and more frightens men, and that what attracts them. But the black underwear is always the correct choice, especially because it really emphasizes the stateliness and beauty of a woman's body. In lingerie woman looks exciting and seductive, it opens up, not showing, while a man can dream; think out what really stimulates the passions. Ironically, it is men like sex with music. The Classics - bad version. Good choice is unobtrusive jazz, electronically treated music. There is now a romantic collection that allows partners not worry about choosing a sound background.

Diversity. Sexually liberated woman, she will captivate your partner to romantic exploits, unknowingly changing the mindset and techniques, making adjustments to the development of the relations of harmony. Sex should not become a routine. It's either there or not, but more often partners who are interested in each other, making a variety of unconscious changes. Sex should be natural. If a man sees that you are rather repelled than attracted by copulation, then do not expect that it will be extremely satisfied with. For a normal male primary importance is the fact that his partner gets pleasure. Sex should not be regular, and the concept of conjugal duty in this regard stresses the futility of such an attitude. Regularity is necessary, but not in the sense that the partners are constantly glancing at the calendar and come to the conclusion that it is time. The most important point for many men is feeling. Feeling is important to your beloved one.