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Harmony in family relationships - this is not a myth, it is quite possible between agreeable adults. But we should not give it too great importance, since in that case, all may end in despondency, disillusionment and rupture of relations. It is normal and natural to quarrel or argue. Harmony in family relations cannot be constant. Ability to experience is as valuable as the very harmony.

You can, despite the fact that you live in perfect harmony. Quarrels happen in any family, because the view of two people does not always match. It is said that if people do not argue, their relationships, including intimate, are fading. It turns out, the elucidation of relationships essential for a normal existence and development of the family. Exchange of hostility, "discharge" of negative emotions is required to share love. The fact that every person struggling with each other two contradictory requirements: on the one hand, to merge with the beloved person, to dissolve it, but on the other - to confirm that you match. When people live together, these edges are constantly faced. Therefore, a small quarrel sometimes - quite the right tool for the protection of normal relations between the partners.

Men in these situations often break down crying, and then women tend to resolve this problem with sex. This happens because women think; based on feelings, while men with facts. Bring this great benefit to your health. If the atmosphere in the family is still tense, you have to sort things out reasonably, so that disagreements would lead to a correct decision. It's enough to follow jut simple rules and your relationship will have a new beginning.