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Sex after marriage

Often, couples are faced to the fact that sexual attraction to each other fades away. Having sex relationships? They require everyday training. This training is needed to find the passion and love doing sex. once a month, now it's not something supernatural. So is your husband or your wife is not attracting you, this leads you to go and find new partner. This problem occurs because of domestic issues that make your relationships more complex. You don't like dirty socks that are strewn through the apartment or dirty dishes in the sink? If in the first months of your sexual relations you could do something new almost every day, but now you understand that yesterday or today was nothing special. Don't think it's easy to maintain your sexual

First 2-3 years we are charged from our love to each other. Due to this feeling we can have sex many hours, day and night. But after some time your feelings fade away and attraction is lower than it used to be. As soon as there is a feeling you don't have desire, sex is less frequent like it was in the beginning. This means that the probability of making sex is very rare and very boring. However, you can return the old feelings; you just have to want it. When the body ceases to help get pleasure from sex partners should try and to do it. Pat each other in new ways, using the new positions and experimenting in all, you can explore the erogenous zones and thereby recover a particular sensibility in relation. And if before the sex was more concerned with feelings and emotions that overwhelmed, but now it is a process that brings new experiences and helps partners open themselves to each other in a new way.

The most important rule that will save your sexual relationship - is striving to deliver the satisfaction to him or her. As soon as couple would come to this view together, their sex life will be rich with all sorts of emotions and feelings. In the meantime, everyone will think only of himself, problems will occur because of the fact that someone got pleasure and turned to the wall, and someone just got excited and that's all.