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Usually when women want to create a family or to have serious relationships, she is focused on a specific type of men. There are many different psychological systems that try to put real life in simple, understandable to any person beyond. Of course, it is impossible. Among men, there are three types, five types, or even several tens of. In any case, the system will not be true, even partially. So we will not speculate about the type of personality as something clear and true known. Better pay attention to the peculiarities of the mind, personality traits, and life habits. One thing is desire; quite different is a real life.

Each of us unconsciously focuses on one of the many men typecasting. Somewhere inside our mind is recorded a scenario in which an awkward relationship with any man. And this scenario repeats itself from time to time. Men can't be all different! Yes, men are something different. But because of this "something" in your subconscious mind you choose similar men, and you choose these men.

Therefore you obtain what you have by repeating the same mistakes with each of them. Woman is changing her relationships with others changing. But not always, these changes are in our favor. Rape, assault, betrayal of your husband. All these unpleasant moments cause a storm of negative emotions and are remembered by our subconscious. Such nuances are called psychological injuries and their consequences - negative attitudes. Think about what makes you build a relationship with a weak man, an alcoholic, or unsure of his abilities young man? This is the cause of your troubles, and not small breasts or large thighs. Appearance, clothing and financial status, education, or horizons are not to your success with the opposite sex irrelevant when it comes to long-term relationship. By the looks you get used to, not noticing the beauty and flaws. All these factors quickly and easily change. The main thing - is a female essence, the inner world of woman. Uncover your inner essence! Let your unique female personality lure men that are able to make you happy!