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In the world of the male sex there are no incredible rules. There is nothing, which would have never made any man on earth. But something they did with pleasure would have been left behind beds. Imagination -is in many ways the lack of female. You girls are very fond of imagining how things should be. And completely ignore the fact how things actually should be. For example, in a man's head would never have thought to strew the bed with flower petals. This is women's fiction. To make it even clearer, I will say this: Sex is like a box of chocolates. Packaging can be as much as beautiful, but if the content is tasteless, the box will go in the trash. So pay more attention to the "content" then the sexual confusion will be over.

The stereotype is that men do not take seriously girls who agree to have sex on a first date. It's the girls themselves come up with it. Most of them subordinate sex to some rational rules. Ladies, there are no men who would not have dreamed of having sex on a first date. Mentally we prepared for what we agree is not the first date, but only at the thirteenth meeting, but this does not prevent us to want and spend the night together already on a first date. Men do not like women that are indifferent to sex. Men do not like monotony in sex. Women attach too much importance to their orgasm. This often happens to people who do not understand the nature of things. Girls something heard about orgasm, something read about it, and they know that this is the greatest pleasure in the world. When you listen to them, orgasm can also easily go to visit you as best friend. Girls are not aware that an orgasm - is very difficult for the nervous system process.

Sometimes it takes years of training to accustom your body to it. One of the biggest mistakes is that girl in bed looking forward to the climax, as the children are waiting for the promised gifts on New Year. Of course, the man should always try to make her girlfriend happy. Still, for girls would be useful to understand that sex is not engaged in for the sake of an orgasm. Just relax and enjoy the process.