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In humans sexual behavior is based on innate sexual instinct and conditioned reflexes. However, perfection and beauty of man only reaches because of the high level of consciousness and intelligence, education and culture. Therefore, human sexual behavior characterizes him as a person in the fullest sense of the word. Most erotic clothing men called a long dark skirt with high slit from the hips.

This small detail turns them on specifically. The same reaction in men makes cut blouses with unbuttoned buttons, which is about to burst open from the tension in the excitement, and buttons pie. Any man looking into this exquisite hollow, hoping to see all that is hidden below, and touch. All agreed that a more erotic look is half-dressed woman, but not completely naked. Man gets more aroused, if his imagination drowns the invisible part of the female body. This process excites. Men love to watch women in erotic lingerie, but in a pajama. Especially underwear that is just a hint: the transparent and highly carved. Men admitted that they are very excited when they suddenly discover that woman wears no underwear. This is a "time bomb"! If you say this to your boyfriend during the slow dance at a crowded party in a nightclub, do not be surprised if he then quickly drags you into a secluded corner and do something nice. Your husband will forget about tiredness and troubles of the working day, if you meet him at the door almost naked (in a bra or belt of stocking), with an innocent look.

Take a tie and lead him straight into the bedroom. All men would be satisfied if his girlfriend unexpectedly touches and caresses his "gun" through his trouser pockets. When a woman is not just stroking mans manhood during the drive but doing with it something more abruptly. The main thing in this dangerous game - is to look at the road and not get carried away at high speed. Do not be afraid to experiment! Men will appreciate it!