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Women are crazy about strong and confident men. Masculinity is absolutely incompatible with tears in understanding some of the ladies. But let us recognize that the situations in life are different. Therefore, if you suddenly found your man in tears do not be disappointed in him and start to panic. If even a grown man cannot hold back tears, then the situation is really serious. Reasons, in fact, there may be many: from stealing cars to the death of a man. There is quite a natural question: what to do if he cries? With this kind of situation we face every day, so many get lost and lose their power of speech.

First of all, do not expect that he will calm down and tell you why he is crying, to do this are capable only women. When he calms down, he will leave these feelings deep inside. Show your willingness to help and show consideration, kindness and caring. But do not feel sorry for him, it violates the dignity of a man. Talk heart to heart, to cheer him. Gentle woman's hands - the best way to calm: do massage, just stroke his hair, face, neck. Never make fun of his tears.

Try to discuss the problem and come up with ways to solve it. A man does not cry when his difficulties and troubles one after another thrown at him. A man does not cry when he hurts, even if very severe pain pierces his body, the man just squeezes tighter teeth and tolerate, but do not cry. A man does not cry, nor in the middle of battle, nor the midst of death. It is difficult to make a man cry. And I know only three reasons why you can see the tears in the eyes of men. There are men who are accustomed to the tears and whining to attract attention.

Most likely, it went from childhood, when they managed to beg mother to buy a new toy. Just soberly assess the situation: if he cries constantly and sometimes even invents reasons not worth going on about him not being drawn into discussion sorrows of life. Be firm and steadfast. If this person is really close to you, find a way to influence him, explain to him that to achieve the desired in life is possible in other ways. Of course, men are much more resistant to stress and difficulties of life. But experiencing them inside, they run the risk of heart attack, their heart just cannot stand.

Therefore it is sometimes better to splash out emotions. They are entitled to tears. After all, women can cry because of a broken nail, but men can not because of the really serious things? It is dishonest.