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Dear men, do not be offended! DO not yell as a King Kong, saying: "Yes, I have never. . ."Or "Yes it is my fault. . ."Or "What can we do if it is like this. . . ". So, what you don't need to tell to a woman. "My mom makes the best" - mom cooks better or cleans better. It is one of the scariest phrases that kill the joy of family life. This is - a call for competition, which cannot be won by definition. After all, children's representations differ uncritical and very firmly in the memory. Son may not remember that his mother did not know how to cook mushrooms, but your wife perfectly copes with this task. He can simply discard the fact that his mother worked as a secretary part-time, while his wife held a senior position in a large company. "Finally you're dressed in something decent!"- These words are not at all uncommon.

I know a man who always told his wife that she absolutely does not know how to dress. All his friends and he told me that his wife buys cheap clothes and when she puts them on she resembles a farm girl. The case ended in divorce. If you do, say such words, it will be over, so try and say a compliment, but keep your thoughts to yourself. Don't try to act bossy and ask her in strange tone "Where is dinner?" You should at least understand her. She is not only working but rising children.

So be sure to exclude such words from your vocabulary. You can easily understand why your wife did not have time to prepare your dinner. Or sometimes happens that your wife can't cook. You should send her to the cooking lessons, or at least to your mother. But most importantly, that it must be remembered - the scandals and abuse solve nothing. Power - the last refuge of the weak. Solving the problem can be maintained only with discussion. And try to understand your other half. Dear men, remember: a woman - also is a human!