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RJ, Horizon West 64
Age:64 years and 221 days
City:Horizon West, USA
Marital status:Single
Registration:22 January 2011
Zodiac Sign:Capricorn
Children:No Children
Weight:245 kg (540 lb)
Height:7 cm (0 ft 2 ins)
RJ Horizon West

About RJ:


Hi, I am told I am ok looking and tall at 6'6" 240 lbs. somewhat fit and muscular with 30 lbs. I do not want or need. I have a clean shaven head and very clean cut / groomed short facial hair if any. My personality is, I am straightforward, honest and truthful, outgoing, with a gentle giving nature. I have a youthful nature, however I am mature and act my age, as the BIBLE states " There is a time for everything ", so like to have lots of fun and laugh and enjoy life to it's fullest, not looking for a mother type relationship ( EQUALS ONLY ) Desire someone that can be them self's, no role players please. I can be funny, witty and provocative at times. My God given nature is to be : Protective, not controlling. Strong when needed with compassion and understanding at all times for sure ! I am kind and gentle and happy most all of the time, seeking peace, serenity and the Promises and gifts from God as they come..... 

I have the Spiritual Tools to deal with and remove Anger and Fear from my life, as their is no place for it in my life and on my Spiritual journey with God / 12 Steps / inner child work and the Bible being the foundation and being only a trusted servant..... I am always' loyal, dependable and faithful and I am a compassionate good listener, with an ability to be very Professional when called upon ! I am also emotionally available and have a true desire to seek true Love for God, Myself and all others, striving for open mindedness, truth, fairness for everyone. A good sense of humor and a light heartedness         ( Don't take the world so serious or don't take things personal are an important and vital biblical virtues for sure )

 I keep my word and all promises and believe in it's EXTREME SPIRITUAL VIRTUE and VALUE from our forefathers and demand of myself of being a total gentleman, as John Wayne said " A man is not worth more than his word " I have been told that I am articulate and generous and committed to what is right, fair, equal and seek justice in all things...Role models include Abraham Lincoln and my grandfather the most Christlike man I ever met. I also enjoy off road adventure, exploring, 4x4 stuff heavily committed and involved in rock crawling for fun and pleasure, and a occasional motorcycle ride, Dirk and street, enjoy my ATV also, love horses and have two, love ranch Mtn. living, would not live in city, nice to visit 3 or 4 times a week or less for sure ! Stress free living to grow and learn and honor the Bible and spiritual principles and living according to God's will, Please NO drugs, Heavy drinkers or smokers. Please NO commitment phobics or gameplayers, Thank's for letting me get that out ! Good boundaries make good friends ! Desire a can do type woman, committed to finding our truth, our future and God's will.....and most of all serving God together and developing a ministry together. Joyce and Dave Meyer did it against all odds and set a wonderful example for all of us, that know them anyway. These are all good Spiritual Principles and work if I work them daily !

 After friendship, possible courtship looking for a lifelong committed relationship / marriage. I do not believe in having a sexual relationship outside marriage, Daily I study the Bible, R & R, watch tv, fellowship, maybe some hobby stuff, enjoy messing with my Custom cars and motorcycles, again, for fun and a hobby part-time, not a obsession, a good balance in life and all things.

Mountain Ranch and horse living with room to play, ran a equine rehabilitation facility for 15 years, for abandoned, rejected, abused horses. Have two equines, practice being a trusted servant in all thing's and the best person I can be to God, myself, my Country U.S.A. ( God Loves this nation. ) and I do too.... and all other human being's if possible... in that order ! 

Being there for myself and others in a healthy way. Having fun and picking up some R and R... Seeking peace and serenity daily, most things done in QUALITY are not possible without joy, and a relaxed state of peace and purpose, practicing, acceptance, patience and tolerance are vital for a happy and fulfilling life and relationships ! Can focus and complete / finish projects / tasks / long processes as needed. 

Practice carrying myself with a Command Presence, again, being gentle and approaching things with God's wisdom which will make us very attractive and likable, always believe in being trustworthy and having a friendly demeanor.  Clean and orderly dress, prefer jeans, casual, being properly groomed and able to take care of business. Can be quiet, again, a very good listener and I am a excellent communicator ! 

Prefer meeting someone in Colorado / local, unless you're willing to relocate and come to Colorado to meet ???


Fifth generation Colorado native, 6 generations of military, and 5 generations in our Judicial system.....    

Grandparent's had the first dairy / farm in Englewood CO., my mother delivered milk from a horse drawn ice wagon on all dirt / mud trails / streets in Denver metro area and also cared for the horses, cows, and other farm animals at the dairy....  

   Retired from my 2 primary professions, own and operate Ranch and do horse stuff, I choose to volunteer most of my time in the Denver metro area and here in the mountains, 10 minutes S.W of Lakewood, just 20 minutes outside of Denver CO..  God has had a ministry for me here for the time being ! ?    





Building quality relationships is hard work, it invovles commentment, truth and honesty and very good communication and establishING healthy boundries, it is a challenge, are you willing and up to it ???

RJ 64 years and 221 daysRJ Single

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